In The Beginning…

Im opening up another blog.  Im hoping that this one will stick unlike my last few that ultimately failed.  Its helping that I have a new keyboard so I can hear the keys clicking just like the old IBM keyboards back in the day.

Im almost a month shy of beginning my 37th year of living.  In that time, I had helped in the creation of two children.  One is going to be 10 and the other is going to be 7.  I am also a father of two boys, in which I have no DNA connection with them, but I love both of them to death.  All four of them can be major pains in the asses, but I guess they help in keeping things active.

I’ve gotten in trouble with the law too many times to even talk about here in this opening blog about myself.  It will give me a topic to type about later (hopefully.)

I love listening to music from the 50s til about 1991.  The days before that band from Seattle made it too big, and has ruined music since then.  In my opinion, it hasnt recovered at all.

I dont know how much shit I should type in this opening letter, blog, message, or whatever.  Its like the first episode of a game show.  Its very slow and choppy, to go over the rules and guide the audience through everything.  Ill think of something while I sleep.  It will give me something to type tomorrow night.


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