It’s day two

Ive made it to day two.  Thats kind of a shocker.  I was finally able to log onto the linux side of my laptop.  I had some difficulty trying to dual boot.  I went into bios and messed with that several times.  I dont know what I had done differently than before.  Luck maybe?

What should I type about this time.  Cats sleep in the oddest places.  My fat cat Batty, is currently sleeping on top of my paper shredder.  Thankfully its not plugged in.  It must be comfortable.  He hasnt moved off from it.

Kids sometimes are a pain.  Being the lone parent often and two kids with behavior problems takes up tons of energy.  Its the life of a full time parent.  My oldest son, the 4 year old was getting addicted to video games.  I had to pull my Wii off the tv and put it away for a week.  He threw a temper tantrum because he was falling asleep and I turned the channel to PBS Kids.  He threw books off my shelf, screamed as loud as he can, threw stuff at my tv, and had screamed at my youngest son.  I told him that it was his brothers turn at watching tv.  He wanted to play TMNT.  So after all of that, I had no choice but to disconnect the Wii.  He’s getting used to the fact that he cant play it any longer.  I still have my Super Famicom that I can connect after they all fall asleep.

My two youngest kids have learned a ton from PBS Kids.  In particular the show “Super Why.”  My oldest son has learned to say the alphabet and my youngest son has learned his letters as well.  He can match letters together and see and say about 50% of the alphabet.  If anyone from PBS or “Super Why” happens to read this, I cant thank you enough to what it all means to me.  The two boys are in Head Start as well.  They have learned tons… actually all of my children have been in Head Start and they all have learned tons from all the teachers that they had over the years, and so have I.  One teacher had given me the encouragement to go to college.  Being 36, I thought that I was old.  Nope.  Back to my original topic for this paragraph.  I dont have cable by choice.  Its too damn expensive, but I have Internet through teh cable company.  I need it for school.  But the PBS Kids channel is what my kids watch the most, unless I can find “Press Your Luck” then that is the show that is on.  Ummm, i think im beginning to burn out so Im going to stop for tonight.


3 thoughts on “It’s day two”

      1. [ Smiles ] Here is a suggestion: check out the tutorial on Ubuntu 16.04 on YouTube; they are informative and you will learn about Linux at a faster rate.

        At the moment, I am using Linux Mint 18.1 with the MATE desktop environment and I absolutely love it.

        May your Linux journey be a pleasant one.


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