Maybe a lot

Many things have happened since the last time that I had posted.  Too many things to remember really.  Some positive and more negatives than I have really wanted in my life.

I have tried to occupy my time in hacking an Atari 2600 game.  I may be making it harder work than what it should be.  Im dealing with county social workers and that will be until December.

One thing that I have realized is that my landlord is a slumlord.  He has had the social workers call him several times with no call backs to them.  All I guess is that he wants his money and nothing else.  Its quite sad.  I have the only house that he owns in the city.  The sad thing is if I have the city inspector come through this “perfect” house, Ill be evicted.  Sadly I cant have that happen since I have four kids and not much money to work with.  This dosen’t help with my depression.

Sometimes I see other parents walking around with their kids.  The first thing that comes to mind is.. how can my children listen like THAT! I get jealous.  I really need to purchase a decibel meter to figure out how loud my children can get.  They can get LOUD!  I may be going deaf because of them.

Am I allowed to bitch about things in my blog?  I lost my remote to my television.  Just after I had typed that, I found it as I was walking to turn the volume down on it.

Time to stop for now.


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