The tale of the house next door

On the outside, its a normal looking house.  It has gray siding, attached garage, and its also a duplex.  Nice little investment if you’re looking to make some money from it right away.  Hell, if I didn’t have a poor credit rating, id look at buying it myself for my family.  I need a house very bad.

Now as for the title of this blog.  Just within this week, the house had a “For Rent” sign in the front yard.  That was taken down within 36 hours.  Let me begin my version of this tale.

Nearly three weeks ago, the young couple that was living in the lower level of the home abruptly moved out.  It made me think of two things.  One being why are they moving, and the second being who owns the home.

There was always a “For Sale” sign that was in the yard for the entire time that I have lived in this shitty house.  My child’s head start teacher suggested that I call the realtor  to see what I can do to see about renting it for myself.  I called.  I think that they thought that I was crazy as I was telling them that it was their sale sign that had graced the yard for so long.  They told me that they had no such home on my street.

Within a day or so, the guy who owns two rental properties across the street from me, and multiple others in this city pulled into the driveway to look around the house.  He pulls up as im walking down the street to talk to me.  Hes interested in the house.  A day or so after that, he posts his “For Rent” sign in the yard.  I called right away.  The call put up red flags, especially when I had asked him about how much rent would be there.  His response was “I don’t know.”  In this same conversation he also told me that he dont even own the home yet, but hopefully things would get taken care of soon.  He has many plans for this house already.

He left me a voice message to tell me that I was still in the running for the home the next day.

This past Saturday was a birthday party of my niece. She turned a year old.  When I had gotten home, the sign was still out.  At some point during that day, it was taken down.  I haven’t heard anything back  from him at all since the voice message that he had left on my phone.

Last night.  I am outside with my children.  It was a warm night, but my kids NEEDED to be outside.  The guy who was wanting to rent out the property pulls into the driveway, drives into the backyard, circles around in it and drives off.  Odd, and a very unnecessary move.

Tonight my kids and I are outside and a white truck pulls up to the house and two people come out and begin to look through the windows.  I couldn’t hold back and had to ask if they knew who the actual owner of the house is.  It is a gentleman that had passed away but his children currently have the house.  I explained to them what I have experienced with being the neighbor and asked if they could at least tell the actual owners what I have witnessed.  Did I have the right to tell them to let the others know what is going on?  I honestly do think that I did.  Its just not right for someone to think that they own something but not actually own it at all.

I know for sure that there will be more to this story as they days go on.  But for now, that is all.

I actually have something that has been on my mind for awhile now, and that is going to be my next post.


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